Reign The Mobile Era With Responsive Magento Website Design

The world of website designing is evolving at a fast pace. Gone are the days, when dynamic websites would have been enough to suffice the need of online businesses. Today, businesses seek to harness more benefits from their online portals. Websites are not just a means to display products and services; rather they are the face of online brands for businesses. This drastic evolution in the basic requisites of online businesses has resulted in the introduction of new designing concepts that can cater to these changing needs. One such concept is that of responsive web designing.

A responsive web design is that form of design which adjusts its dimensions and other elements as per the size of the device on which it is being viewed. Such web designs are a common feature these days especially in the ecommerce land. Responsive web design is the first choice of ecommerce store owners who want to enhance the usability of their store and expand its reach.

Choosing Magento for Your E-Commerce Venture

The ecommerce industry is growing steadily. By 2012, U.S. alone is projected to account for $335 billion of ecommerce sales. With the growing number of online customers, the number of online stores is also increasing rapidly. However, to launch a successful web store, it is essential to begin by choosing the right platform. Enter Magento, aptly called the platform for growth.

Magento is a renowned name in the ecommerce industry whose rich feature set, scalability, flexibility and robustness has found appreciators in ecommerce industry pros. It is the fastest growing ecommerce solution in the market today, with 750,000 downloads already.

Magento has numerous features that make it a favored choice for developing online stores. But, the most acclaimed feature of this development platform is that it supports responsive web designs. This means, websites built using Magento are highly responsive and can be viewed across various platforms including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Why is Magento Responsive Web Design Favorable?

Magento responsive design is a hot topic in the designing fraternity currently. Several business owners are exploring the avenue of responsive web design to expand the capabilities of their ecommerce stores. As a result, a large number of responsive themes and web templates are available for the Magento development platform.

A few years ago, when the concept of responsive design surfaced in the web arena, it created several ripples. It bestowed users with the freedom of viewing a website on variety of devices including tablets, smart phones and computers. This design does not solely affect the overall layout of a site, but also alters the videos, images and content displayed on your ecommerce store.

Advantages of Magento Responsive Web Design

There are numerous advantages of opting for Magento responsive design, the main advantage being- you need not create multiple websites to be viewed on multiple platforms. You can have a single online store that displays all your products, remains unaffected by the format of the screen, browser or platform on which it is viewed. It considerably cuts down the development cost.