How To Get Clarity In Your Digital Photography When Taking Photos Close Up

If you've ever wanted to get a really good, clear close up shots with your digital photography but haven't had much luck then here's a bit of good news.

There are a lot of wonderful aspects to digital photography and getting close up digital photos are one of them. When I say 'close up' I am talking about taking a digital photo with a very short depth of field. To understand how to get suburb results for close up digital photography I'll first explain some of the photography terms so you can learn faster.

Here is a definition:

"Digital photography with images that are life size or larger."

That's a good description, lets look at another way to describe close up digital photography:

"A method of getting close-up pictures of a subject by using Marco accessories attached to the camera's lens."

This second close up digital photography definition is definitely worth learning. It simply means that when you are getting close up shots, the image is very large. In order to make something very large you simply zoom in right? Well yes and no. You can zoom in all you like but you need to get the digital photography image looking clear, not just large. And in order to understand how to get good, clear close up digital images we have to first work with our depth of field. (And just on digital zoom- I would recommend you zoom with an optical lens over a digital lens any day.)

Depth of field simply means taking two objects in your digital image, the furthest and the closest, and then seeing how much focus is there. In other words:

"The amount of distance between the nearest and farthest objects that appear in acceptably sharp focus in a photograph. Depth of field depends on the size of the aperture, the distance of the camera from the subject, and the focal length of the lens. The bigger the aperture, the greater the depth of field."

So in order to get good, clear close up digital photography images you first have to work with a short depth of field (only the closest thing is in focus) and add some macro lenses so your subject that is in focus retains sharpness and clarity.

In digital photography terms a macro lens is what gives you the clarity up close because it has the capability to focus extremely closely (like a magnifying glass would for your eyes) and the minute detail of your close up subject is in clear focus. You can usually fill the frame quite confidently, giving you an enhanced clear digital image.

You will notice on your digital camera setting the icon for flower. This setting is not only to take flowers, it is there so you can get a bit better focus up close than you would on your other setting such as a landscape setting.

What happens is the camera changes its focus from usually a fair way in front of it to abut 30 cm in front to get good clear digital photos up close.

So now I have told you the definitions and given you a basic understanding of what means what in close up terms, now I'm going to tell you how to get good, clear close up shots.