In Need Of Help With Your Digital Photography

About the Course

Photographer Amy Renfrey uses her expertise to guide the photographer through the process to improve photography skills. Accompanied with the package will be two eBooks and a monthly magazine entitled: Digital Photography Success, Advanced Digital Photography and Focus eMagazine.

How to Get a Good Shot. Lighting is an extremely important component of this photography package and will be stressed along with other qualities of obtaining good photographs. Some of the other criteria include the composition, pattern, shape, volume and texture. Exposure control, framing, focus and basic special effect techniques will be included in the classes as well.

If you want amazing shots, Amy suggests that you focus on composition and the other factors, but lighting will give you the “wow” factor that you desire. This, in her opinion, delineates a “good” photograph from a “great” photograph. Keeping this in mind, the eBooks will teach you to master flash techniques to avoid overexposure. The class will also establish how to shoot beautiful night scenes by adjusting the aperture and shutter speed. Even lens types will be explore in this particular book.

How to Make Money. Amy also teaches her clients how to shoot photographs that will be saleable in the market. Photographs for post cards, greeting cards and other photograph formats will be explored in the eBooks and magazines. Surprisingly, her photographs will also teach photographers how to encourage their human subjects to give them an exceptional photograph.

How to Contact Amy. Photographers may even email the instructor to discuss problem areas via email. The instructor will walk the photographer through the process and help in any way possible. Amy’s goal is to provide guidance beyond the extensive step-by-step advice provided in the eBook. A photographer can learn all of the techniques within seven days via this extensive guide.

Packages and Cost. Clients will have access to all of this information for $97. A Super Package will be offered to consumers to teach them these techniques. Digital Photography Presentation and Digital Photography in Abstract Exposure Charts and the Five Most Popular Scenarios in Digital Photography will also be provided as free gifts in addition to the Digital Photography Success and Advanced Digital Photography eBooks.

In the Blockbuster Package, eight back issues of the Focus eMagazine will be provided along with eight hours of video tutorials. Powerful Landscape Photography, Digital Photography Techniques and This Month’s Focus eMagazine has all been included. Purchasing the package is risk free and comes with a money back guarantee. You have two months to evaluate the package. If you do not like the package, you will be able to receive a full refund.

Who Does the Course Benefit?

The photography course is designed to address both the novice photographer and the photographer that would like to refresh their skills. Numerous photographers have tried the course and have found the course beneficial. As a testament to the success of the program, potential clients should read the testimonials found on the website at digital photography success.

Some of the testimonials include statements such as, “Blown Away…. certainly worth the £10 cost” or “I am already making different decisions on how I want to take my pictures and experimenting with the different settings ….You make it easy to go from amateur and advanced photography.”

Other testimonials include: “Almost gave up….I enjoy taking pictures now.” or “ I loved the video you did on shutter speeds and can't wait to see your next video.” With comments like these, you can see that Amy’s photography course is beneficial to a number of people. Review the website to find the details about what some of her clients have mentioned about her course.