Basic Digital Photography Compact Digital Cameras

The technology behind today’s digital camera is all about the concept of small. The use of technology has caused our world to speed up and in this fast pace people want their gadgets to be accessible. Digital cameras are not the exception to the rule. This desire for accessibility is the major factor behind the birth of a compact edition of digital cameras.

It can arguably be said that digital technology is the most revolutionary discovery in the field of basic photography. It has changed the world of photography by producing high quality images with limited cost. The compact digital cameras on the market today are smaller in size and have many additional features than their counterparts. Compact digital cameras are, without a doubt, a step ahead the digital SLR cameras or any other camera available on the market today.

Compact digital cameras are roughly 3.5 W x 2.5 H x 1.0 D. Depending on the type, the model and the brand of your compact digital camera these dimensions can vary a little. The ideal compact digital camera for basic photography must have the certified label of Jeans pocket on it. These compact cameras are so compact that you can literally keep it in the pocket of your jeans, comfortably. The ability to do this is the newer striking criterion added to the compact digital cams by the fast generation of today.

The entire concept behind these compact digital cameras is that they make basic photography fast and simple without any discomfort due to their large size. Apart from size these cameras offer many other incredible features. Typical features of compact digital cameras include multiple scenes, optical zooms, exposure modes and other handy functions. It is important to note that some compact digital cameras, having 11 mm or less diagonal sensors make fairly low noise at ISO 100. However, at ISO 400 and above, the noise of the camera can be quite bothersome. There are a few compact digital cameras that are so small to look at, that they demand a close look from those who wish to buy them. The $200 to $500 price range includes the most popular models on the market today. Virtually every brand compact digital camera offers incredible features and functions. You can find sensor resolutions which vary from 3.0 to 8.0 mega pixels. The ultra-compact models are the size of a credit card. At just under an inch thick they are equipped with such features as high-resolution sensors. Advanced controls include such features as multiple AF zones, manual settings and sophisticated scene modes.

It would be short sighted of me to not include the drawbacks of compact digital cameras as well as the benefits. Since sensitivity is calculated through ISO, the ISO range of a compact digital camera varies between ISO 50 and 400. SLR cameras, on the other hand, have ISO values in the range of 100 to1600. Because of this compact digital cameras are less sensitive than digital SLR cameras.

There have been vast improvements in the field of basic photography compact digital cameras, as opposed to digital SLR cameras. The best bet is to figure out your needs after looking at the pros and cons for each type of camera.

By: DanFeildman