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Key Elements in Web Site Design That Attract Visitors To Hangout At Your Websites   by Cliff Teo

in Web Design / Site Usability    (submitted 2011-12-19)

When planning on a web site design, most web owners focus their attention solely on the positive principles of web designing. However, you can also create an effective website by avoiding the negative design principles that web browsers cannot stand or find of no use. If you're running a business, you want to increase more traffic into your site instead of driving prospects away with a disastrous web design.

Complex Navigation System

A good web site design invites all skill levels of web user to navigate the content of your website. Hence, you need to stick to the basics. Avoid complex navigation systems that take the average web user time to understand how to navigate your site or its pages. The worse thing that could happen is for the browser to press the back button and go elsewhere. That's when you know that your web design or website marketing strategy is not doing the job.

Take time to revisit your website and assess its navigation or accessibility. If you have got something to offer them, whether information or product, you need to help them in finding it instead of handing them a complex puzzle.

Outdated Design and Content

Successful website marketing relies greatly on how the site looks and feels. If you're a professional businessman with a legitimate website, then you should invest proper amount of time and effort to update it. An outdated web design and content produces a negative impression. If you don't care about your website, then why should your visitors invest their time on it too? If you can't provide daily updates, then do this on a weekly or regular basis. This is also a great time to update your product listings or offerings if you have one for your business. That way, repeat visitors can get something new and fresh with each visit.

Ad-Infested Web Site Design

The advertisements from your affiliates are an integral part of your business. Hence, most web browsers understand that ads are a common place in the web site design and website marketing. But there are a few websites that overdo it. In fact, there are more ads placed on the site instead of the actual content. Web users find it a real annoyance, which defeats the purpose of placing that ad in the first place.

Your content must still be at the heart of your design and there are only a few areas wherein you should place the ad such that it does not intervene with the text. If your visitor finds the ad too obstructive, then they'd be out of there faster than you can generate sales via those ads.

Excessive Images or Flash Design

Some designers employ java, images, or other flash design for their website to provide aesthetic appeal. But if you are going to use these design elements, you need to use them cautiously. Remember that you need to attain a professional image as a business and your website will help create that image. One major disadvantage with using flash for your web site design is that it takes more time to load, which could turn impatient web browsers running towards your competitors.