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Digital Photography-An Exciting Art   by Mac Smith

in Hobbies / Photography    (submitted 2011-03-24)

Digital photography is a vast subject of digital imaging which means the images captured are manipulated using computer techniques. It is of course an interesting subject with many change overs and innovations these days. With the onset of modern techniques in digital photography, this area has attracted many talented photographers to possess this as a hobby as well as a profession to many. The images captured in a digital camera are stored in digital file formats which can be refined, trimmed, cropped according to one's own desire and later get them printed for display purposes. Digital photography has extricated the job of photography editing and has many advantages over traditional photography techniques.

Guides and tutorials are readily available in the market to master these digital photography techniques. However, the digital photography basics remain the same with many more introductions of enhancement methods in the subject. There are specific books and web tutorials that help the desired person to learn digital photography.

There are intimate digital photography tips for a cameraperson to follow for capturing each of the images. For example, for a person who wants to capture portraits, he has to follow a different technique. For a wildlife photographer who is interested in capturing specialized animal pictures, the methods would be different. But, the camera basics like the type of lens used, distance and focusing, usage of tripod for camera, susceptibility of the camera used, metering etc. The other important factors involved in digital photography are pixels of the captured image, its resolution size, sharpness, brightness, contrast and image noise, white balance, luminosity, and picture posturing.

There are many short guides and tutorials published in various photography blogs for the convenience of the beginners in this subject which explains brief digital photography tips and techniques that are very easy to follow. These techniques must however be learnt and enhanced in a proper channel to acquire this as a profession. Tools for editing, image resizing, picture manipulations are the other concepts that are dealt in this vast subject of digital imaging. Digital cameras have found many changes ever since its invention and now the system has advanced in such a way that the photos captured can be shared and sent using wireless communication devices then and there with the support of certain software devices like mobile or computers across any part of the globe. There were times where the people used to wait for weeks together to receive photos from their beloved ones, but now the receiving time has reduced to seconds and not even minutes. We have to thank the digital world of photography for giving us such wonderful awesome techniques to view and share the images within a fraction of a minute.

Efficacy of digital images mainly depends on camera characteristics like quality of lens, captured mode of the image, pixel count and many more. This digital photography art is of course a massive subject with boundless opportunities to the photographer.

A good digital camera with all the necessary accessories will definitely aid you to become a professional photographer.