Affordable Web Site Design in Chicago

Web site designing can today be an expensive proposition for anyone who wants to get his Web site designed professionally. Being a typical service sector industry, it might have little tangible or materials cost, but costs incurred by the firm in terms of manpower and software can be quite high. This cost is in turn passed on to the client.

One must at the very beginning decide on the amount that is to be spent on getting the Web site designed. Only after this is done should one start to choose a Web site designing firm. Thus the affordability analysis should be also taken into consideration while making the final decision.

Since the Chicago area has numerous firms that design Web sites, the cost quoted by firms to a client is competitive more often than not. But again, some firms project themselves as especially cost-efficient or position themselves as specifically low cost Web site designers. When negotiating prices, it is a good idea to find a balance between the quality of the site and the price of the work. A discount is useless if the site is not up to expectations.

Firms like Andrew Lehman Design promote their rates as amazingly affordable. They claim to charge only $600 for designing a 5-page site with 20 images and a wealth of features. For $160 a year and no setup charge, they offer a single-page design program with several features. On top of this, they also offer all Chicago area clients free listings in,, and other state directories, with color image links to their Web sites.